The word of the party brings the smile of everyone’s face because the party means good clothes, food, gossip, fun, and enjoyment with friends. We all want to be perfect in there party look, choosing clothes, accessories and shoes. But we facing a problem to find out perfect makeup for the party. It is a great task to pick perfect makeup according to our look if we do not get it to spoil all overlook. Here are some amazing Makeup tips for a party look that will help you to achieve a glamorous and hottest look.  

Step 1

Select your accessories, dress, and footwear for the event or party. Your entire look helps you to select your perfect party makeup.

Step 2

Before apply a base take some ice cubes and rub your face for a few minutes, it will cool your face and tighten your pores. It also makes your makeup long lasting at the party. Apply your base according to the complexion of your face and neck, apply primer it helps to create a flawless and smooth texture and also helps for long lasting of your makeup.

Step 3

Before using foundation compare it to your skin tone and make sure it blends in your skin. Apply for medium coverage and blend it well with a foam sponge it gives you flawless and even tone texture.

Step 4

Highlight your eyes, use a primer before applying eyeshadow for last long time eye makeup. Shimmery eyeshadow is perfect for party makeup then apply then apply liquid or pencil eyeliner and highlight it with applying mascara.

Step 5

Apply lipstick according to your skin tone and makeup then must go for a liner color that matches the lipstick shade. Lip liner helps to hold your lipstick for a long time. Finish your makeup by applying blush in a gentle manner for your natural and brighter look.

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