Head lice can be the most irritable thing to deal with, not only for those people who affected them but also for the people around. This hair problem creates so much trouble for us like Itching and burning. Heaving lice on the head are the most embarrassing. Lice are the small insects that are live on hair shafts and they can feed blood from the scalp. There are a few kinds of lice head lice, body lice, and pubic lice. The body and pubic lice can occur as a result of personal hygiene, But the head lice are can happen to anyone. The children are the most effective by this hair problem because lice are very contagious if one child has it is most common that others will get it as well because can be transferred easily to their children especially if they are going to school or kindergarden. They are the most annoying and hard to get rid of them. But you don’t need to worry about it because I will share some effective some remedies that will help you to get rid of lice naturally.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has contained an insecticidal ability that helps in repelling and killing the louse naturally. It not only helpful for killing lice but it also destroys the eggs too. Take a tea tree oil to apply it to your scalp as well as your hair before going to bed and placed a towel to the pillow you are using then comb your hair in the morning to remove the dead lice.

2. Salt

Salt is the cheap and great remedy to get rid of lice. It can dehydrate the body of the lice and kills them in a natural and inexpensive way. Take some salt and mix with an equal part of vinegar and pour it into the spray bottle and spray it on your scalp and wear a shower cap and then rinse your with the shampoo after 2 hours.

3. Vaseline

Vaseline is an effective home remedy to get rid of lice, it get stuck into the lice breathing tubes such they cannot breathe and they die. Apply some vaseline thoroughly into your scalp and hair, and cover your head with the shower cap and leave on overnight and then wash in the morning with shampoo.

4. Listerine

Listerine is a rich source of eucalyptus and thymol that is effective in killing the lice. Douse your hair and scalp in Listerine and cover with the shower cap, and then rinse it with shampoo after 2 hours, also follow this with a thorough combing session to remove any remaining lice and nits.

5. Alcohol

Benzyl alcohol has contained pediculicide, which is a great ingredient that helps to kills lice. Pore benzyl alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it over your scalp and hair, then wash it off after 10 minutes, also Use a comb to remove the lice that do not go by washing. Benzyl alcohol is harmful to below the age of six months children.

Go ahead try these effective home remedies and get rid of nasty head lice naturally, If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you!

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