Foundation is the most important part of makeup because it is the base of makeup. If you want to achieve a flawless and gorgeous look you have to pay more attention toward the foundation. Application of foundation minimize your pores and create flawless look each application of foundation give you different look. If you want a perfect makeup you need to focus on the perfect color of the foundation according to your skin type, you can chooce liquid, powder or a cream foundation. Here are some tips for beginners on how to apply perfect foundation look gorgeous.

1. Prepare your Skin for Foundation

Cleanse your skin before using makeup this is the most important step before makeup, it helps to remove dirt and oil. Use a toner and moisturizer it makes your skin soft and natural.

2. Apply Your Foundation

Choice foundation according to your skin tone it gives you natural look. Take a foundation on a little bit of product up with the broader end of your beauty sponge, and applying it from the center of your face then blend it out really well around your nose, under your eyes use the narrow end of the sponge with the same bouncing mmotion.

3. Set Foundation

Set your foundation applying your favorite powder with a brush. Your base is done now apply your makeup, as usual, eye makeup, some blush, a bit highlighter and some lipstick to complete your look.

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