The body shop is an empowering label of female entrepreneurialism. Anita Roddick has a passion for beauty and skincare products, she started selling products in London, with the acceleration of advertisements the popularity boomed, she opened the 2nd location. Now body shop is well known for its beauty, cosmetic and skincare products with the 2500 stores worldwide.

I’d wager that the body shop will be doing more big in the future.


So, you guys must be something out of all products, why am I suggesting this one because amongst all body shop body yogurts are everything, been using it for 1 year now, and I can say that my skin is always dry and scaly so I started using this, now I am completely addicted to it, because it’s a magic yogurt yes I call it a magic yogurt, why?


1. It’s a thick yogurt, thicker than a body lotion, and it absorbs in skin instantly. And it keeps skin hydrated throughout the day.

2. It’s not sticky like other moisturizers or lotions, it can be applied in summers for a nice cooling moisturizing effect, without feeling gooey on your skin.

3. Also, it’s pure vegan and they offer lightweight scent. Not only you can apply directly after a shower but can use it anytime.

4. The best part it doesn’t feel like you are applying some greasy lotion, ladies would love this product.

Overall, if you’re looking for a product as part of your post-bath skincare and want to feel relaxed due to a curative scent, then this product is great!

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