Walking early is one of the good things in the world. The morning is quite as the world has not begun to move,and the perfect time for meditation, writing, some quiet reading and exercise. Walking early can give us an hour or three of extra time for focus and creativity. Whenever the discussion gets on sleep, There is a common perception that we should take at least eight-hour sleep for a healthy life. But sometimes we walk up in the morning and feel like tired and sluggishness even after getting good sleep. Have you ever imagine how to wake up early without feeling tired? Yes, it is possible small changes in your lifestyle has been leading you towards the early riser. Here I am going to share some amazing tip on how to wake up early in the morning without feeling tired for the rest of the day.

1. Avoid Drinking Coffee, Red Wine And Consuming Chocolate Prior To Sleep

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If we are going to enjoy a deep and restful sleep at night. It is important that our cycle is left largely uninterested and takes up to four hours to fall into a really sleep. And also with some food items and beverages scientifically are proven to disturb your digestive system and interrupt your sleep. Like coffee milk chocolate and red wine, these are so refraining from these items for as long as possible prior to sleep.

2. Get Enough Sleep

How to get up early and feel good but Unfortunately, it is impossible to feel good if you do not get enough sleep. While we sleep, we go through five stages of a sleep cycle and it takes about 90 minutes. According to research, recommended that you ensure at least three sleep cycles or 4.0 hours of sleep

3. Keep The Same Wake Time No Matter What

Regular sleep routine helps the body to work well. SO we need to help our body by getting up at the same early time every single day. Actually, we need to put our body in the flow of early bedtime which means we all have an easier time waking up early without feeling tired because our body is getting good consistent restful sleep.

4. Do Something That You Are Really Excited About.

DO something that makes you look forward to your morning. Like going on my morning walk, this summer it was going to the beach to watch the sunrise and to swim after my workout. The beach was empty, the sun was just out and the water was clear, it was beautiful. There are so many things that we can do in the morning, we just need to decide what’s exciting for us and what we want to do more of.

5. Stretch Out Your Tired Body With Yoga

There’s a reason it feels so good to stretch when we wake up. Overnight, during sleep, our muscles are literally paralyzed, and reactivating them releases energy-stimulating endorphins. Bit Of time for morning yoga Boost your energy level and brain function.

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