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Best Air Conditioner In India 2021

You have multiple tabs open in your laptop or computer but you just can’t pick the best air conditioner in India for your home or office. Well, don’t worry, I got you covered. 🙂

We live in a very hot and humid country where the temperature rises to 48° C or even more than that, and we want to beat that scorching summer heat at least when we stay indoors. You can, of course, buy the best Air cooler in India if you are looking for budget-friendly options.

We all know all these appliances such as Microwave Oven, refrigerator, Gas stove, Mixer grinder have now become a necessity, just like an Air Conditioner, so in this post, we will be covering some of the most asked questions like the best air conditioner in India 2021, best air conditioner brand in India, best selling air conditioner in India, best window air conditioner in India, best split air conditioner in India right here for you guys!

So without wasting your time, let’s jump into it and read the best air conditioner in India 2021 but before that let’s see the best air conditioner brand in India.

Best Air Conditioner Brand In India

There are tons of different brands in the market but naming one of the best air conditioner brands isn’t easy. So, after doing my own research, I came to the conclusion that there isn’t just one single best air conditioner brand that we can name right now. But, I am going to write about my personal favorite air conditioner brand that my family and I have been using for over 15 years now and these are the best air conditioner brands seeing their effectiveness, cost, customer satisfaction and their performance. These are : Voltas, hitachi, Blue star, Daikin and LG So, if you are looking to buy one, choose among those 5 and forget the rest. 

Which Air Conditioner Should you Buy?

Here are the Top Best Air Conditioners in India in no particular order. You can choose from the list below and you will not regret it because of their quality, service and their performance.

1. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Voltas is a very reputed Indian brand and it is definitely one of the best in Home appliances in India.

Voltas 183VCZJ is one of the best AC in India as it gives the best technological advancement and the best cooling experience to the people sitting and relaxing at their home.

So, don’t wait and upgrade your home to the latest technology with this Voltas 1.5 Ton Inverter 3 Star Split AC as it is the best split air conditioner in India.

This split AC has a 1.5 Ton capacity, and it gives the clean and fresh air in the room so you can feel like you are chilling and relaxing at the hill station Like Shimla or Manali.

It cools a large area very effectively and ultimately gives the relaxation that you deserve in this summer season.

It has a 3 Star rating so it consumes less power and saves on energy. The neat and elegant design brings a sense of class to your decor suiting any type of home decoration.

It reduces power consumption and it saves energy as it is Powered by DC Inverter Technology. Thus, it maintains ideal temperature without turning the compressor on and off.

This Voltas 183VCZJ is an all Star Best split air conditioner in India, powered by the Steady Cool Compressor, which gives Steady Cooling and Steady Savings.

Key features of Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC:

  • Capacity is 1.5Ton. Best Suited for medium sized rooms (111 to 150 sq ft).
  • Energy Rating: It is 5 Star, Best in class efficiency & Energy efficient.
  • High Cooling : Keeps you at ease even at 52°C.
  • Lowest-noise operation.
  • 1 year Warranty on product.
  • Stabilizer Free Operation.
  • Copper condenser coil.
  • Active Dehumidifier : Works in the indoor humidity and even controls it in monsoon which makes it best.
  • Environment-Friendly R32 refrigerant.
  • Advanced Air Purification : Remove harmful odours.
  • Keeps Constant temperature.
  • 4 Way Air : Delivers air uniformly across the room

Daikin is a Japanese brand, specialized in making advanced technologies which are adopted by other brands and it provides budget-friendly options to choose from.

This Daikin 1.5 ton is a 5-star Inverter ac and it is something you can’t ignore while choosing the best Air Conditioner in India as it gives a tough fight to other brands.

This Split AC gives the best air-conditioning experience as the powerful air draft does not fall on your head directly, but it is steered upward letting air circulate into the corners of the room creating a comfortable ambiance.

It has a feature called Power Chill Operation which ensures quick cooling during extreme heat conditions and power chill ensures room temperature drops rapidly for immediate comfort and ease.

It has an Econo Mode which enables smooth operation as it limits the power consumption and It is useful when 2 devices such as air-conditioner and other electrical devices are connected on a shared electrical circuit.

This Daikin 1.5 ton ensures low noise level resulting in sound sleep. It optimizes the speed of the airflow according to the low noise level to give you uninterrupted comfort.

Key Features of Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

  • Split AC comes with inverter compressor: Energy efficient
    1.5 Ton.
  • Energy Rating is 5 Star: Annual Energy Consumption 824 units
  • 1 Year Warranty on Product,
    1 Year on Condenser, 10 Years on Compressor
  • Comes with Copper Condenser Coil: Provides good cooling and It’s easy to maintain.
  • Cool features like Stabilizer Inside, Econo Mode, Indoor Unit Quiet Operation, Coanda Airflow, Power Chill Operation.
  • Neo Swing Compressor Technology
    Econo Mode (Power Saving Mode) : Reduces Electricity Bills.
  • Power Chill Operation: Room temperature drops rapidly for maximum comfort and ease.
  • Indoor Unit Quiet Operation: less Noise level.
  • Stabilizer Inside

Blue star is one of the most reputable brands and it is specialized in manufacturing and marketing a variety of Air conditioning products.

It is one of the best Air Conditioner In India with some amazing customer reviews. It has a 1.5 ton capacity and this Inverter Split Ac is a 5 star Ac.

The most powerful Air Conditioner from Blue Star, It delivers powerful cooling during the scorching summers season and provides maximum energy savings. Thus, it adds an aura to the living space.

One of the amazing features in Blue Star 1.5 ton AC is the advanced self-diagnosis technology that alerts about any faulty operation in the AC to fix it beforehand.

The turbo cooling feature ensures effective cooling so it functions effectively.

Key Features of Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, BS-5CNHW18PAFU, White)

  • One of the best Split AC in India
    5 Star Energy Rating.
  • 1 year warranty on the product, 1 year on condenser, 10 years on compressor.
  • Precision cooling technology.
  • Brushless DC motor.
  • 7 advanced filters: Minimise Airborne Pollutants.
  • Cold plasma technology.
  • Automatic 4D swing.
  • Dual rotor inverter compressor

The Voltas 1.5 ton is a 5 star Window AC and it is probably the best Window AC in India.

The Voltas 185 DZA is a high power air conditioner and it is an efficient window AC that can be fitted anywhere.

The anti-dust filter is a great feature fixed inside the AC. It acts as a helping hand and cleans all the dust accumulating inside the AC.

It comes with different features like auto-restart, timer, sleep mode, and turbo mode.

It is an ideal Product with Energy certification of 5 star making it the most energy efficient category AC.

Key Features of Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper,185 DZA/185 DZA R32, White):

  • Window AC has 1.5 ton capacity.
  • 5 Star Energy Rating
    window air conditioners are easy to fit in any window of the office or home.
  • 1 year warranty on product;
  • Offers special Features such asAnti-bacterial Filter, Dust Filter, Dehumidifier.
  • High ambient cooling : Gives instant cooling even at 50°C.
  • Active Dehumidifier : Controls indoor humidity.
  • Turbo Cooling.
  • Sleep Mode
  • Eco Mode: Saves power and Electricity Bill

Voltas is a brand which is loved by it’s Indian customers as it offers great quality and the performances of its appliances are the best.

So, Presenting another Voltas AC, and it is the best window air conditioner in India. The 1st Ac that we have seen, is the best Split Air Conditioner, but if you are looking for the best window air conditioner in India, Choose this one.

This Voltas183 DZA provides refreshing air to your room or home in this severe weather condition.

This Window air conditioner is the best window air conditioner in India as it comes with great features like Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode and Anti Dust filter.

Thus, it provides clean and fresh air which gives you a complete deal for healthy living.

It has a very unique feature that lets you discover any malfunctioning in the unit for easy and smooth serving.

This AC is eco-friendly and has a rating of 3 Star and it consumes less power and ultimately, saves on energy.

Key Features of Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Copper, 183 DZA/ 183 DZA R32, White)

  • Capacity is 1.5 Ton. Best Suited for medium sized rooms (111 to 150 sq ft)
  • Windows AC: Economical & easy to install.
  • Energy Rating: 3 Star.
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 1338.43 units.
  • 1 year Warranty on product,
    1 year on condenser, 5 years on compressor.
  • Comes with Copper Condenser Coil: Better cooling.
  • Unique and special Features: Anti-bacterial Filter, Dust Filter, Dehumidifier.
  • High ambient cooling: Gives instant cooling even at 51°C.
  • Active Dehumidifier : Controls indoor humidity.
  • 100% Copper: Durable and efficient Cooling.
  • Eco Mode: Saves electricity Bills.
  • Turbo Cooling: cools the room instantly
    Sleep Mode.
  • 2 Stage Filtration Advantage: removes odor, dust for better functioning
    Self Diagnosis

The Bottom Line on Best AC in India 2021

I hope you liked our detailed review on the best Air Conditioner in India 2021, we have curated all this after doing an intensive research on the best air conditioner brand and the best air conditioner in India 2021. So, always choose the best, if you don’t have any budget issues, so you can have the best cooling air in your room. So, if you are looking for 5 star best window Air Conditioner in India, Go with The Voltas 185 DZA and if you need 3 start Window Ac, go with Voltas183 DZA. And if you want best Split Air Conditioner in India, Either go with Voltas 183VCZJ or Daikin ac 1.5 ton And, if you like Blue Star appliances, Go with this. Thanks for liking it! Buy the best of everything! Stay tuned for a more detailed guide on home and Kitchen needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top brands for AC in India are:

  • Voltas
  • Daikin
  • BlueStar
  • Mitsubishi
  • Lloyd
  • Hitachi 
  • Carrier

Blue Star 1.5 ton Inverter Split AC, Voltas 1.5 ton 5 star Window AC and Daikin 1.5 ton 5 star Split AC are some great options for your home in affordable price and high performance.

Although both the companies Daikin and Voltas are good, it has been seen that Daikin slightly exceeds Voltas in terms of performance. Daikin is the perfect fit for the hot Indian summer weather.

Voltas 1.5 ton 5 star window AC, Blue star 1.5 ton 5 star split AC are two options for the best energy efficient ACs.

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