These days all offices, whether big or small, have an automatic coffee machine at their premises for their hard-working employees working 9-7 daily for them. So that employees can relax and give their best at work.

Here in this blog, I will be sharing with you all the best commercial office coffee machines that are very much in demand and very much Useful. 

 It will surely help you if you are in search of buying a coffee machine for your office or as an employee looking for the option to change the old coffee machine and recommend a new one to your boss.

The Best Coffee Maker Machine For Office in India 2021

With 1.4 litres capacity, this coffee maker prepares 10-12 cups of coffee at a time. It is very much suitable for a small office leading a team of 12 members. Prepare a hot brewed coffee with Wonderchef Regalia Coffee Maker and enjoy your day. It is a good coffee maker with 1 year of warranty. One of the trending coffee makers.


  • The price range is Rs.1990 that is super affordable
  • Portable and convenient to use as it is a jar constructed machine 
  • The inbuilt heating plate keeps the coffee warm for a longer time
  • Suitable for office as well as for home
  • LightWeight coffee machine
  • 7 days replacement facility
  • Buy and avail of 10% cashback on Amazon

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With 0.4 litre capacity, it can serve a single person, you can say a personalized coffee machine. If you don’t like to drink coffee made from coffee machines and love hand-made coffee without even working hard for it. Then let me tell you, it is the best coffee maker for you. A very cheap and very quick coffee maker that will serve you the best coffee the way you want. It is the best personal coffee maker for the office.


  • 0.4 litre capacity to make personalized coffee
  • One of the latest best-selling coffee maker
  • Lowest price with high demand
  • Easy to clean
  • 7 days replacement availability
  • Make your own desired coffee within minutes
  • A small coffee maker that can be carried along

How to operate?

Add coffee to the jar, pour hot water and milk into it. After all the ingredients are mixed well, wait for the fragrance of coffee beans to come, and yippee it’s ready to have.

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Atlantis is on the top list of Coffee maker machines. It has a 3-star rating and is also preferred by many companies all around the world. This coffee machine is an automatic coffee maker which will serve you your favorite coffee which you want. By adding your desired flavor of the coffee powder you can enjoy drinking it. It is a multiple-serve office coffee machine.


  • 3.5 litre capacity inbuilt
  • Good for a big organization
  • Four in one coffee machine (tea, coffee, green tea, and one beverage can be added)
  • Most trusted brand: Atlantis Coffee Machine
  • Classy designed office coffee machine which can enlighten your office

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Morphy Richards Coffee maker is one of the best sellers of coffee makers. It is suitable for every kind of organization, may it be small or a bigger one. These coffee machines are used in many café and restaurants too. So to have a mouthwatering coffee buy this Morphy Coffee Maker.


  • 3 in 1 Coffee maker (espresso, latte, and cappuccino )
  • 2 years warranty
  • 1350 power watt consumption
  • India originated brand
  • 1200 ml capacity
  • Within a week replacement can be made

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The Nespresso coffee machine can become your helping hand in providing you rich quality coffee which you will love to have again and again. This coffee machine will be the best option for your office. It is just a click away and your coffee is ready.


  • 1- litre capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • 10% cashback offer
  • Indian product
  • Will serve aromatic hot coffee

These were the latest technology of coffee machines that are trending and selling in the market. Go for any one of them and start enjoying your day at work.

All of the above 5 mentioned coffee machines are quality assured products with an easy return policy.

Benefits of an Office Coffee Machine and Coffee Maker

  • It will make your employee satisfied which will result in a good performance
  • It will save the employee’s time as he will not go out in search of coffee.
  • Clinical research indicates that moderate consumption of coffee will be beneficial for the health of the person working.
  • Coffee machines are automatic these days and require low maintenance
  • For the offices fully occupied by clients, a coffee machine seems the best beverage providing machine.

Coffee Machine Range From Low To High

1. Lowest Price Coffee Maker

  • Ikea Coffee/Tea Maker, Glass, Stainless Steel
  • Wonderchef Regalia 1.4-Litre Coffee Maker (Green)

2. Moderate Price Coffee Machine  

  • Atlantis Cafe Plus 3.5 Litre Coffee Maker

3. Highest Price Coffee Maker Machine

  • Morphy Richards Kaffeto 1350 W Milk Frother and Coffee Maker
  • Nespresso Latissima 1400W One Single Serve Coffee Machine (Silky White, 1L)

Personal View

best coffee machine for office

My daily need for coffee is fulfilled by the Atlantis Cafe Plus 3.5 Litre Coffee Maker which Is there at my office. Very easy to prepare my cup of coffee whenever I feel like having one. May it be cappuccino or French press, I can enjoy any of the flavors by adding the flavored powder into the machine. As my organisation is big, this coffee machine satisfies all the employees with tasty coffee.

For Others –  An apple a day keeps a doctor away

For ME – A cup of coffee a day keeps all my stress away.

Have a wonderful experience reading and buying the best coffee machine in 2021.

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