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We consume a variety of food at breakfast but Idli made from Idli Maker is preferable if you’re from South India. Also, Idli has become famous for other Indians as well. And they like to consume it as well as Idli are a healthy and nutritious option.

For making those fresh Idlis, you need to have the best Idli maker in your home.

An Idli maker offers an easy and convenient way to prepare Idlis.

If you don’t have Idli maker at your home and if you are looking to get one, then you’ve landed on the right page.

The ease and simplicity of the Idli maker make it a must-have appliance in your kitchen, just like Microwave Oven, Roti Maker, Kitchen Chimney, Dishwasher, Induction Cooker, Coffee Machine, Air Fryer etc.

However, choosing the best Idli maker can be really difficult for some as there are plenty of idli makers in the market that claim a lot.

Having the best idli Maker will save a lot of your time if prepared Idli from an idli maker and it will be very easy to make delicious Idlis at home.

In this detailed post, we will be doing the best idli maker or idli cooker in India review right here.

We know, prestige, hawkins, and pigeon are the famous brands when it comes to the best Idli Maker or idli cooker.

So, we will going to review prestige idli maker, Hawkins idli cooker pigeon idly cooker.

So Let’s dive into it and see our top best recommended idli cooker.


Top Best Idli Maker in India 2021

Best Idli Maker in India 2021

Pigeon is a famous brand when it comes to idli maker as it makes superior high quality Idli cooker.

This Pigeon Idly Cooker is sturdy and made from thick gauze. Each piece of this Pigeon Idly Cooker is elegantly designed which adds a sophisticated look.

Pigeon – Stainless Steel 6 – Plates Idly Maker- Pigeon Idly Cooker will be your perfect cookware to make healthy and delicious idli at home.

This Pigeon Idly Cooker will be perfect if you have a large family as it has 6 plates in it and it will perfectly blend to any kitchen, enhancing the decor of the kitchen.

Pigeon Idly Cooker offers so many amazing features which gives you complete satisfaction while you use and make idli in it.

Pigeon Idly Cooker comes with 6 plates and each plate has 4 cavities, which means that you can make 24 Idli with this idli maker at one time.

It is quite easy to clean, thus providing the hygienic cleaning and the Pigeon Idly Cookware set is durable.

This idli machine is the best idli maker by Pigeon as it caters to a family having 5-6 members.

This idli making machine is rust proof and it is resistant to corrosion and it is made from high quality stainless steel which is durable and the best idli maker by Pigeon.

Thus, this Stainless Steel Idli Cooker is

  • Rust proof
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Durable

If you want 4 plates Idly maker By Pigeon, we recommend this one : Pigeon – 4 – Plates Idly Maker

Instructions to use Stainless Steel Idli Cooker by Pigeon:

1. Grease the idli moulds with some oil or ghee and spoon the batter into them.
2. Add some water in the Idli cooker and Heat the water
3. Steam cook for about 12-15 mins on medium-high flame
4. Turn off the gas and let it cool for a while and then remove the idlis using knife or spoon from the moulds

Key Features of Pigeon Idly Cooker

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Stainless Steel Idli Cooker
  • Thicker gauge
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Rust proof and hygenic
  • Durable
  • It contains: 1-Piece Idly Maker, 6-Pieces Idly Plates and 1-Piece Stainer
  • Comes with 6 months warranty
  • It has High grade whistle which gives better pressure control
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • We can cook 24 idlis at a time
  • Elegantly designed

Introducing one of the best Idli maker from a famous, reliable and renowned brand available in the market and it is none other than Prestige.

Prestige idli maker is made from stainless steel which lets you prepare soft, delicious idlis and dhoklas.

Prestige idli maker comes with 5 plates and each plate contains 4 cavities so you can easily prepare 20 idli at a single time.

In order to get the best results from prestige Idli Maker, you need to use this idli steamer with a prestige pressure cooker.

It is quite easy and convenient to make fresh idli with this idli making machine and at the same time, it is economical on the pocket.

Prestige Stainless Steel Idli Plates, 5 litres, Silver – Prestige Idli Maker is made from stainless steel, which makes it durable.

Prestige idli maker will be perfect to a family having 3-4 members. Though, if you have a large family, you can still pick this idli cooker as you can again make the batter and put into moulds for 2nd round and you will have 20 more idli in a few minutes.

Prestige idli maker is dishwasher safe, so you can easily wash it with just a few touch of buttons. No more mess while cleaning this idli cooker.

Buy the best Dishwasher HERE.

Key Features of the Prestige idli maker

  • Silver color
  • Material: Stainless Steel Idli Cooker
  • Prestige 5-plate Stainless steel idli stand
  • It makes 20 soft, delicious idlis or dhoklas in one go
  • Use the Prestige idly maker with Prestige pressure cooker for the best results
  • Quick and convenient
  • Versatile and economical
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Diameter: 170mm

Here comes another idli machine by Prestige. We can find many kitchen appliances by prestige in almost every Indian household.

Idli is the most favorite and consumed breakfast especially if you are from South India.

This prestige idli maker has a heart shaped which will attract even more to your kids to eat those freshly baked idlis.

This prestige idli maker comes with four plates and has 4 cavities so you can make upto 16 idlis in one go and this stainless steel idli cooker will be perfect for small to medium families.

Prestige Heart Shaped 4 Plates Idli Set is the healthiest option for people of all ages, as it is steamed cooked and requires minimum oil.

This prestige idli maker comes with an exciting heart shape which will attract everyone to eat more idlis, you can even cook dhoklas in this idli making machine.

Enjoy your wonderful delicious breakfast made by this stainless steel idli cooker

Key Features of the Prestige Idli Maker

  • Exciting Heart Shape
  • Stainless steel Idli Cooker
  • Makes 16 Idli
  • Prepare soft idlis or delicious Dhokla

This idli steamer by Hawkins is very lightweight, it is neither too big nor too small and will help you to enjoy yummy freshly made idlis at any time of the day.

The hawkins as a brand is known for its performance and high quality durable products and their continual product innovation.

With the help of Hawkins Idli Cooker, you can make fresh idlis and this will be a perfect idli steamer if you are looking for one such utilitarian product.

Hawkins Idli Cooker is made from stainless steel, which is a good conductor of heat, so your idlis will be cooked evenly.

Hawkins Idli Stand for Pressure Cooker, hawkins idli cooker comes with an idli stand and it has 4 plates that lets you cook Idli in a bulk.

Your kids will love idlis, made by Hawkins Idli Cooker as the stand will provide a clean and fresh idli everytime you eat.

With this idli steamer, you can make a variety of idlis like masala idli, rava idli or simple idli.

This idli steamer is easy to clean, you need to just use the mild detergent after every time you make idli and you’re done.

Key features of Hawkins Idli cooker

  • Color is Silver
  • Made from Aluminum Material
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Non Induction Compatible
  • Do not use the vent weight at the time of cooking idlis.
  • Enjoy delicious freshly made idlis
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight

Introducing Stainless Steel idli cooker to carry out your kitchen chores or making the idli process quite easy.

It is recommended to use Stainless Steel appliances in the kitchen as they are durable.

Give your cooking experience and culinary skills a new look with this 5 plate kadhai from the house of a renowned brand – Pristine.

This idli steamer is made from stainless steel and it is silver in color. It contains 2 plates to make idli, 1 kadhai, and 2 Dhokla With 1 Patra Plate.

So, this product performs 5 functions so you can make 5 types of dishes with this Pristine Stainless Steel Idli Maker Set- Silver.

The kadhai also comes with a lid so you can easily lift the knob when the temperature is too high.

The lid allows you to cook and steam your dishes with ease.

Key Features of Pristine Stainless Steel Idli Maker Set- Silver

  • It contains 1 Kadhai, 2 Idli Plates,2 Dhokla With 1 Patra Plate
  • Induction Stovetop Compatible
  • Energy efficient
  • Stainless steel idli cooker
  • Can be handled even during high temperatures.
  • 5 plates come with the option of cooking idlis.
  • Long lasting product

Things To Consider While Buying An Idli Maker For The Home

There are few things that one needs to keep in mind before buying the best idli maker for the home and those are :

1. Size of the Idli Maker

There are different sizes available in the market, it comes with 4 plates and 6 plates and more. But I would recommend you to buy 4 plates Idli cooker, and you can make 16 idlis at a single time.

If you need more idlis, better to use the same for 2 times to get more idlis.

2. Easy Cleaning


Cleaning Idli maker is always a trouble, so you need to pick the product which is easy to clean or even dishwasher safe.

3. Material Quality

There are so many products in the market which are made from cheap quality and they are not 100% safe, hygienic and rust proof.

So, don’t fall for those kinds of products and always invest in quality Idli maker.

4. Warranty

If you buy an idli maker from your local warranty, chances are high that there will not be any kind of warranty.

But, if you buy idli cooker online from famous and trustable brand like pigeon, prestige, or hawkins, you will get 6 months to 1 years warranty.

Where can we purchase idli maker?

Purchasing an idli maker can be a difficult task as there are tons of brands and variants of idli cooker in the market.

We can definitely purchase an idli steamer online, as now-a-dasy, purchasing anything online has become safe, secure and convenient.

And the best online portal is Amazon, and this is my fav and most trusted as well.

Amazon provides easy payment options and they have return policies on the product as well.

So, you can definitely buy the best idli maker online, as we have mentioned the top most favorite and best idli maker after doing a complete research on them in this post.

Benefits Of Having An Idli Maker At Home

1. Easy To Use

Idli Makers are easy to use and very convenient to make idlis at home. It would be a proper task to create idli without an idli maker.

Idlis would be ready in a few minutes, you just need to purchase the batter from the market, apply some ghee or oil in the plate and spread the batter and you are done.

Get those fresh idlis in a few minutes.

2. Versatility

With the idli steamer, you can’t just make idlis, even you can make dhoklas with the idli maker.

Dhoklas will be in the shape of idlis though but your family members will love it.

3. Must have appliance

Idli maker is a must have appliance just like Microwave oven, Coffee Machine, Kitchen chimney, Air fryers in the Indian household as you can make idlis instantly at home.

4. Proper Steaming

Idli maker ensures that the Idlis are cooked evenly and steaming is done properly.

The Bottom Line On The Best Idli Maker In India 2021

Idli is the healthy and delicious breakfast consumed in the Indian households. In order to get those freshly made idlis at home, you need to pick the best idli maker. We understand, buying the best idli cooker from various brands can be a daunting task and we want to invest our money into the right product. In this detailed post, we have done our research on the best Idli Maker in India. And our top recommended products are : Pigeon – Stainless Steel 6 – Plates Idly Maker- Pigeon Idly Cooker Prestige Stainless Steel Idli Cooker, 5 litres, Silver – Prestige Idli Maker Prestige Heart Shaped 4 Plates Idli Set Hawkins Idli Stand for Pressure Cooker, 5-Liter, Silver-hawkins idli cooker I hope you liked our reviews on Idli cooker. And if you want us to review any other idli steamer, just let us know in the comments section below. Have a happy purchase. More Buyer Guides and Reviews Best Coffee Machine Best Steam iron Best Mosquito Killer Best Air Fryer Best Induction Cooker Stay tuned for more reviews! Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prestige, Pigeon, and hawkins are some of the best idli makers in India.

Pristine, Prestige, Hawkins and Pigeon are some brands that offer the best idli makers.

You can buy an idli maker for an average price range under 1000 at Amazon.

Although you can use a normal cooker if your idli stand and plates fit in it, it is suggested to use an idli cooker set to have best results.

Pigeon is one of India’s trusted brands for all the home appliance needs and it offers some great options for idli makers as well. So yes Pigeon is a very good brand that delivers durability and quality in its products.

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