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Massage chair to relax upon, a chair that stimulates the blood flow. It is designed to give relaxation to your mind & body. Also to calm the mind and other organs that work daily without any pause. For all the people addicted to work from home jobs, it is the best massage chair for them. 

A massage chair is a full-body chair that helps to release stress from job-related tasks, family, and other personal issues one faces. We have made it easy for you by selecting the most selling massage chairs. Below are the top chairs listed at the jaw-dropping price with the best features.

  1. RoboTouch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair (Rose Red)
  2. Lixo Massage Chair – LI4001, Deluxe Zero Gravity for Stress Relief, Full Body with Air Pressure, Sl Track, Heating, Foot Roller
  3. JSB MZ08 Massage Chair for Home Smart Urban Zero Gravity Full Body (Orange-Brown) (Alloy Steel)
  4. HCI a Japanese Therapeutic Massage Chair with Zero Gravity, Full Body Stretch, Hot Stone, & Longest 145 cm SL Massage Track (Red)

We will have a brief review of these chairs. But It is must need to know why you need to buy the massage chair?

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Why Buy A Massage Chair?

  • Act as a stress buster machine
  • Health benefits that allow blood circulation and mental peace
  • Saves your time. Instead of going out, you can buy equipment that will save time.
  • Give you a good quality sleep.
  • Vanish everyday headache issues.
  • Helps to boost up your immune system

Along with this, There is a lot of diversities like leg massager, back massager, & others. You should keep considering the diversification of massage chairs in mind while buying.

Massage Chair Diversities

1. Full Body Massage Chair -

This is for the relaxation of a full-body it is designed. It seems a bit expensive but worth buying.

2. Leg Massager

It is used for relaxing the muscles of the legs that are on duty 24/7. A homemaker must buy this chair for a happy and relaxing life.

3. Back Massager

It gives back kneading and vibration to the back that cures back pain and other back-related issues. If you are on the painful days of the month, it is the perfect solution to give relief to your back.

4. Electric Handheld Massager

A device accessible by you, to massage on the painful area. 

5. Electric Car Massager Pillow

A device that helps to relieve pain by heating therapy. Adjustable and easy-to-carry massage device.

Being the best buyer must view the specialties of a chair before buying. This will help you in picking the most suitable chair for your need.

6. Specialties

  • Kneading  
  • Shiatsu
  • Gripping
  • Tapping
  • Rolling

Now, you are well familiar with why should buy it, specialties, and diversity in them. If you want to buy so must read the features of all chairs which we have chosen earlier.

The latest massaging chair is so much in demand that it is mostly out of stock. So when you see it’s available then grab it, otherwise, you get ready to regret it. With technology, let us also step forward to the advancement of the world.  This electric chair allows each external body park to relax. Starting from the head to ending with the toes. 

Features Of RoboTouch 

  • The RoboTouch is an automatic massaging chair that works by itself and allows you to be tension-free.
  • It has the quality of detecting shoulder area and provides a person an enhanced experience.
  • The in-built function gives a vibrating effect to all the body parts, which makes sure the person sitting is enjoying and relaxing.
  • After work, a massage chair is the best for releasing stress and allowing comfort.
  • One year warranty of the massage chair and free installation with demo guidance is provided.

The Lixo massage chair is a manual massaging chair. You can easily access it according to your needs. With the massage, it is a chair providing comfort. While watching television, reading a book, or trying to sleep you can utilize the chair the way you want. It is made with the best quality material. 

Feature Of Lixo 

  • Provides intense massage therapy 
  • A detachable headrest is available for the ease of the people
  • It has a foot roller and a heating motor that helps in the massage
  • It is in the budget
  • A 3-year warranty is provided to the customers
  • If any issue arises, it is easily returnable within 7 days of the return policy 

This massager comes in a variety of colors for your preferences. A warranty product to trust upon. Highly demanding and unique product. It is a full-body chair with a kneading facility and airbags. 

Features Of JSB MZ08 

  • 3D rollers that travel from top to down
  • Foot roller massager 
  • Auto mode buttons are available, as it is user friendly
  • 1 Year warranty, doorstep delivery will be provided.
  • A product that produces lower back heat.
  • Suitable for home 

The professional massage chair stretches the body entirely and with good quality airbags that provide ease and comfort. It is a Japanese-made product with zero gravity accessibility to make you feel like you are in the air. This massaging body chair is metal-based. To make yourself feel special, buy it now.

Features  Of HCI Japanese Therapeutic 

  • Comes with 8 methods of different massaging techniques
  • A heat-producing chair that effectively warms the body
  • 4D technology branded 
  • 1-year warranty
  • HCI massage chair has a u-shaped constructed head massager that completely relaxes the neck, head to relax
  • This gives Bluetooth access to have a wonderful time listening to songs and relaxing.


For all the back pain and other health-related issues, it is good stuff to buy. Enjoy the top-rated chairs at an affordable price. The exclusive, multi- designed chair is the best to remove tiredness and make your mood refreshing. A person working day and night must buy it to release all-day stress. To be honest, I suggest you buy  HCI, a Japanese Therapeutic that helps to make my tiring days, relaxing ones. It has become my favorite chair to rest upon. Have faith and go for the above budget-friendly massage chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Robotouch Maxima, Lixo, JSB healthcare and HCI are some examples of a good massage chair.

A good massage chair can ease your aching muscles but it may be a little heavy on your pocket. But as they say health is wealth and you can have a good massage chair in a price range of 1-3 lacs in India.

Massage office chairs are totally worth your money and time as these chairs can increase your productivity by giving relief from back pain, frozen shoulders and fatigue that you feel while working for long hours with a normal office chair.

Robbotouch is one of the best brands of automatic massage chairs that gives a premium experience to the user.

Usually massage chairs come with a 1-2 years of warranty.

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