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Are you looking for the best mattress in India? Are you also confused on what factors should we consider before buying the best mattress? Well, we all know it’s not an easy task to spend our hard-earned money on a product and that turns out to be a wrong fit for us.

A mattress plays a crucial role in our happy morning. It’s like a perfect commitment and long term relationship that will last forever LOL 😀

It’s the place where we can curl and loosen ourselves after a long hectic day at work.

A good sound sleep is all we want after a long tiring day at work and a perfect 7-8 hrs sound sleep is one of the best feelings that we can achieve in these hectic and busy lives.

After a busy and hectic day at work, a person would definitely require a soothing-sound sleep in the night, to ease out the stress from the day and for that one needs a comfy mattress which can embrace you.

An appropriate comfy mattress not just offers a relaxed sleep all throughout the night but also helps in lowering the stress from the back by relaxing the distinct pressure points, and offering much-needed comfort whenever you need it.

Best Matters In India

Choosing the best mattress in India is really important, so in this detailed post, we will be seeing the best mattress in India from the best mattress brands in India.

Let’s jump into it and review Best Mattresses in India, best mattress brands in India, best memory foam mattress in India and the best mattress for back pain in India.

Top Best Mattress In India Reviewed

1. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Having back pain?
Feeling Drowsy?

Introducing Wakefit, best mattress in India as well as the best mattress for back pain in India.

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is again one of the Best Memory Foam Mattress in India as it will keep your spine, just fine!

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is the best mattress for back pain in India as this mattress adapts to the sleeper’s body. Thus, it gives comfortable sleep.

This mattress takes the shape of the sleeper’s body and gives good support throughout. That’s why we call them the best Orthopedic Memory Foam mattresses in India.

This mattress helps in correcting your spine, neck and your hip posture correctly as it helps in distributing the bodyweight uniformly across the mattress, ensuring no blood clots and restlessness.

It is titled as the best orthopedic memory foam mattress in India as it provides the exact amount of firmness. Thus, you can definitely rely on the product and this will be an ideal choice for your home.

It comes with a removable zippered external cover, which not only enhances the look but also you can wash it if it gets dirty as the cover material is of premium quality. Thus, It provides complete protection.

It comes with a combination of memory and high resilience foam which gives good support to the hips and shoulders which facilitate better sleep. This memory foam is the best mattress for back pain as it will take away all your pain from the back, making you sleep even cozier.

The Fabric used in Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress makes it one of the best mattress brands in India. It is very soft and breathable providing excellent back support so nothing disturbs you while you sleep.

Key Features of Wake Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

  • Keeps your spine, just fine.
  • Length (72 Inches), Width (72 Inches), Height (6 Inches)
  • Color is White and Feel of the Mattress is Medium Firm.
  • Supportive memory foam.
  • Breathable Fabric.
  • Next Gen Memory Foam.
  • Transition Layer.
  • Best memory foam mattress in India.
  • Removable Zippered External Cover For easy wash.
  • Premium quality polyester fabric.
  • Cool Foam
  • Budget friendly
  • High Resilience
  • Perfect For your spine
  • Excellent back support
  • 10 years Warranty
  • Best mattress for back pain in India

Are you looking for the best mattress in India and you want us to do a Springtek mattress review? Ok, we got your covered.

Presenting Springtek Ortho high-density foam mattress made from premium Quilted Knitted top with the latest technological innovations is the best mattress in India which provides real comfort and excellent back support while engulfing you and lets you sleep restfully.

We will be doing a quick Springtek mattress review as this mattress gives excellent Spine Support and offers that right medium-firm feel that you have been looking for.

Springtek Ortho high-density foam mattress is perfect for back or stomach sleepers which is quite responsive, supportive and adheres to the natural curve of the sleeper’s body, without having the feel of sink-in in the memory foam.

We are doing Springtek mattress review as Springtek is the leader in providing best sleeping solutions since the past 40 years.

With a good quality foam, this mattress promises to deliver the best results and a disturbance-free sleep as it will be a perfect blend of comfort and support. Just what we all need to recover after a hectic day.

This mattress is the best mattress in India for a reason as it makes sure that you wake up fresh every morning and you will be in your best energy and ready to take on the world. With its quality foam, it guarantees a peaceful sleep, night after night.

In addition, the knitted construction of the fabric also allows better breathability, which in turn, increases the overall quality of sleep.

With Springtek Ortho high-density foam mattress, your Every day will be a good day and every night will be a good night.

Key Features of Springtek Mattress

  • Provides Real comfort for real life
  • Has a premium quilted knitted top
  • Supportive Comfort at all ends from Neck to Lower Back.
  • Zero Partner Disturbance
  • Best mattress in India
  • Medium Firm Comfort
  • Undisturbed Sleep Ideal for All
  • Our Premium Foam encasement adds more Luxury
  • Has a Layer of top cushioning for increased comfort.
  • Offers indefinite Spine Support
  • Perfect for back or stomach sleepers.
  • This mattress is responsive, supportive, and conforms to the natural curves of the body
  • Offers you a perfect blend of comfort and support
  • Provides Disturbance-free sleep
  • Better breathability
  • Increases the overall quality of sleep
  • Perfect for a kids room and family.

Besides the mattress, you can also buy the best Air conditioner or the best air cooler in order to have the sleep you’ve never imagined.

Many of you have sent us an email and asked us to do a Sleepwell mattress review. So, here we come with our Sleepwell mattress review.

Sleepwell is one of the trusted brands in the Indian market. It has gained trust amongst it’s customers and that’s why it has been rated as 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Thus, making it one of the best mattress brands in India.

Bring home one of the best mattress in India- Sleepwell starlite splendor foam mattress. A perfect match for your perfect house.

The Sleepwell Foam Mattress has a Medium Firm Memory which gives a luxurious feeling to it. This is a good mattress in India and gives you the right amount of firmness as well as softness. You will get the best back support for your good night sleep.

This mattress comes with a 12 months warranty and it has an Air Mesh fabric of this mattress which ensures better air-ventilation and ultimately increases the overall quality of sleep.

This mattress comes with different sizes namely Full, King, queen, single, twin to suit your kind of family and This medium soft mattress is available in 2 beautiful colors—Maroon and Brown.

Welcome Sleepwell Starlite splendor foam mattress and experience comfortable sleep night after night so you can have an amazing day at work or even at home.

We are doing Sleepwell mattress review as it is a brand which provides ultimate comfort to its delighted customers, the motive of Sleepwell is to strive and push the boundaries and give the best customers’ experience.

I hope you liked our Sleepwell mattress review.

Key Features of Sleepwell Mattress

  • Primary Material used is Foam
  • 1 year warranty on product
  • Has extra firm mattress which supports the back
  • It has Airmesh fabric which improves air circulation.
  • Experience comfortable sleep night after night
  • Better air-ventilation and increases the overall quality of sleep.
  • Comes with a 12-months warranty

Flo has introduced Flo Ortho High resilience responsive foam mattress to provide you Disturbance-free sleep and we will be doing flo mattress review right here.

This brand offers you a 100-day trial, which makes it one of the best mattress brands in India.

Flo has been serving the 5 star hotels in the country. They know what the Indian market wants and for that they have done extensive research, collected data and then implemented all the knowledge in building Flo and that’s why we are doing Flo mattress review.

This Flo Ortho High resilience responsive foam mattress has been crafted after 2 years of their research so you don’t need to go in the offline market to find the perfect mattress for you.

If you stay at 2nd or 3rd floor and bringing your new mattress upto that floor without an elevator gives you stress and anxiety, Flo has got your covered in that.

Flo uses a special and unique technology to vacuum pack the mattress and shrinks it to a third of its size, yes- you heard it right. – this is how they pack the mattress and ship it in a box!

So, you Just need to open the box directly into your room, tear the plastic cover and watch as the magic unfolds right in front of your eyes and watch how slowly it expands into its original size. It’s really that simple and a treat to watch.

Wake up refreshed everyday as you’ll have the best sleep of your life, every night. There are no questions asked as this mattress is offering sleep for 100 nights free trial, and also provides a refund policy in the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied.

I hope you liked our Flo Mattress review, so don’t wait up more and just order this NOW!

Key features of Flo Mattress

  • 10 Year warranty on product
  • Offers 100 Day Trial-You can return it and get a refund (in an unlikely case)
  • 3D Airflow fabric
  • Best mattress brands in India.
  • It comes with a zippered, removable, aloe vera gel-infused cover.
  • Used by the top 5 star hotels in the country
  • Wake up refreshed
  • Optimum support to the spine.
  • The perfect mattress for everyone
  • Unparalleled spine support
  • Honest, Comfortable, Reliable.

The Bottom Line On The Best Mattress In India 2021

Sleeping with severe back pain can turn your whole workday schedule into a nightmare. But if you have the perfect and best mattress for back pain, then it will help you to get a sound sleep. We hope that by now, you have selected the best mattress in India and the best mattress for the back pain and you are looking forward to sleeping on that mattress. You don’t need to worry as long as you have ordered after reading our detailed guide on the best mattress in India, you will surely meet all the expectations. An excellent mattress is the one that provides high-quality sleep and comfort. Mattresses are important for the overall health of your spine. Our top recommended list in the best mattress in India are : 1. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress: Tops the list of the best mattress in India 2. Springtek Ortho high density foam mattress: Provides real comfort for real life 3. Sleepwell Starlite splendor foam mattress: One of the leading Mattress brand And let’s not ignore: 4. Flo Ortho High resilience responsive foam mattress. I hope you liked our review of the Best Mattresses in India. You can also buy our other recommended products like Best Air cooler, best Air conditioner, Best vacuum cleaner. Go ahead and complete your purchase now. Stay tuned for more updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best mattress brand in India are:

  • Wakefit
  • Springtek
  • Sleepwell
  • Flo Ortho

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is considered one of the best mattresses for back pain as it provides maximum back support.

Sleepwell is one of India’s leading brands for mattresses so yes it is a reliable and good brand.

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