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Tired of sitting on a normal desk chair, have back pain while working?? Opt for a gaming chair instead of an office chair. Go for the best gaming chairs available on online portals and enjoy your office work with full comfort. Know more about the office and gaming chairs to select which chair is the best for you. Reading the difference between office chair vs gaming chair given below will make you believe that you must go for a gaming chair.

Overview - Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair

We all have witnessed how the world has moved spontaneously from office floors to offices at home. So much so a change within a short period created an impulse and many people working in offices had a tough time adapting themselves to their new offices, err, homes. 

Setting up an office at home might not be as easy as it sounds. The people who took it lightly have paid with a pain in their back and strained eyes. Your office had a proper infrastructure suitable to your working conditions, i.e., a proper table, chair, and the like. But in the comfort of home, working while sitting on the bed or your couch is not doing any good to your back and spinal muscles. So better buy the best ergonomic office chair to have a good time working from home.

This is from where the discussion of choosing the right chair for your needs arises.

In broad terms, we have two types of chairs for the digital working environment, going by the name of Office Chair and Gaming Chair

Speaking in layman language, the standard office chair is the one which we idealize as a formal-looking, broad-shouldered chair usually found in professional workspaces. On the other hand, a gaming chair is the one resembling the seat of a sports car, which gives a hormonal rush just by having a glance over it. But this is not it, let us discuss in detail about office chairs and gaming chairs, and which one you should prefer for your office at home.

As Defined: Office Chair vs Gaming Chair

1. Office Chair

Office chairs, as the name suggests, are intended to provide comfort to professionals of all kinds of build, weight, and height. The primary aspect to be fulfilled by an office chair is to be comfortable for the user, whereas the looks come at the second. This should not be misunderstood as a case when the looks don’t hold priority, but just that it is the comfort to the user which is to be put on priority while designing an office chair. There are also the best office chairs for gaming available on online portals. Just a search away.

2. Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs scream to be the latest fashion in town. The chairs intended for professional use have not been kept limited to office chairs, and fancy luxury sports cars’ seats resembling gaming chairs have made it to almost most of the professionals’ houses these days. Gaming chairs made their debut not long ago when YouTube provided enough exposure for gamers to make their habit a career.

Features: Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair

Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair - Features

1. Aesthetic

Aesthetically, the office chairs offer a more aesthetically soothing and sober look as compared to gaming chairs, for the purpose they are intended to serve. The multi-directional rotating base, the armrest, and the padding on the seat/back and the armrest are designed in such a way to accommodate a general variety of people of varying builds and heights for long durations at a stretch.

Aesthetically, gaming chairs resemble the seats of luxury sports cars, and this is one of the driving factors for many people opting for gaming chairs. The bright colors, sporty stitching pattern, and long seat back provide a distinct look to gaming chairs and make them stand apart from the usual office chairs.

2. Ergonomic

Ergonomically, speaking, it is an office chair that ensures long-term comfort for the user. But, it is the lasting effect of the ergonomics and the impact on the spinal cord of the office chairs which is to be questioned. The best ergonomic office chairs have proven to be spine-friendly to their users and have stood the test of time quite effectively. Since office chairs provide the best support for the mid-back, Sometimes this acts as a drawback for office chairs. It is the lower back of many people which suffers due to the lack of support provided by most of the office chairs.

Apart from the aesthetic differences, gaming chairs provide the luxury to adjust the armrests, the lumbar support, and the back support depending upon the build and height of the user. This versatility of the best gaming chairs makes their exposure viable to a large variety of people. Also defeating the minor drawback of office chairs, the full-back support that gaming chairs provide is something people bet upon.

The ergonomic superiority that gaming chairs command upon office chairs is worth the mention it deserves.

3. Affordability

Office chairs are comparatively cheaper. To name a few I would recommend these:-

SavyaHome® APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base High Back Office CHAIR – Rs/-6299

Amazon Basics Mid Back Office Chair (Black) – Rs/- 5999

AB DESIGNS DESIGNS STARTS HERE – Office Chair/Study Chair/revolving chair/Computer Chair for Home Work Executive Base Metal Powder Coated – Rs/- 4100

On the other hand, Gaming chairs, being so extraordinary, provide comfort and relaxation at the same time are comparatively expensive. The extra features, additional accessories, and luxurious feel that come in a gaming chair make it look expensive.

But trust me, a gaming chair is worth buying. Also, there are cheap gaming chairs available to buy and enjoy its benefits. There are also massage gaming chairs available on amazon that can help you to relax whenever you feel tired. So, with so many qualities, a gaming chair can be considered a good option.

Hope these three comparative pointers of office chair vs gaming chair were enough to make you choose which one is the best. While office chairs don’t have a wide variety of classification, the gaming chairs make themselves available in a variety of forms. Let us discuss them in brief.

What Are The Different Types of Gaming Chair ?

1. PC and Racing Gaming Chairs

These are the chairs that serve more functionality over form. They have a seat raised considerably higher than ground and are preferably used for working on desktops installed on tables.

2. Rocker Gaming Chairs

Rocker gaming chairs basically differ from the conventional PC Gaming Chairs in a way that these rest on the ground and have a back and forth rocking motion functionality, mostly preferred to play games on a console.

3. Floor Gaming Chairs

The floor gaming chairs lay their basis on the ground for support and are the least structured gaming chairs. They can simply be considered as padded cushions on the floor, intended for gaming. So much so for the details of both, the office chairs as well as the gaming chairs. Now I’m sure you have a basic idea of the stark difference between the two types of chairs.

Functions Of An Office Chair 

functions of an office chair

The primary function of an office chair is to provide comfort to the people sitting all day in the office and working. With one or two adjusting features one can adjust the height of the chair and can sit the way they want.

Frequently Asked Questions: Office chair Vs Gaming Chair

YES. Ergonomically, a gaming chair provides you with a wide range of chairs like lumbar support, armrest, headrest, etc. In the case of an office chair, it’s just a seat to sit upon. So we can say a gaming chair is a comfortable one.

Not at all, gaming chairs give a luxurious sitting feeling, the in-built features supportthe back, neck and shoulders, arms, hips, in short, each body part. A good quality gaming chair improves the posture of a person and also cures many health problems.

Because of the extra added features that add on the quality to the gaming chairs. Its design, sporty look, extra – comfort makes it costly as compared to office chairs.

Spending more will bring along additional features, more comfort, more satisfaction. And also expensive chairs will be durable so don’t think and buy expensive good quality chairs.

First of all, look for a chair with height-adjustability so that you can adjust accordingly.

Secondly, go for a comfortable chair that supports each of the body parts. Keeping these 2 important things in mind you can choose your desired desk chair.


The average cost of a gaming chair is between $200 – $400. Also, depending upon the features it varies. With so many varieties of gaming chairs available there exist various ranges for all types of customers.

High back chairs offer neck support to help in providing comfort and avoiding pain. More advanced adjustment features help to make you comfortable while sitting as a high back chair provides. It is indeed a better option for you.

Why not? Ergonomic chairs are more comfortable than normal chairs. So yes, buy an ergonomic chair that will help in improving your posture.

Office chairs are designed to provide a seat but that doesn’t provide support to your lower back and that is the reason why office chairs are uncomfortable. Better go for the latest trending chairs to avoid comfortable sitting posture.

An office chair is structured to provide sitting facility only, but a gaming chair provides comfort as well as a stylish modern luxurious look. And that is the reason a gaming chair is a good alternative to an office chair. Hence, a gaming chair is a better option for you.

Here are some of the best gaming chairs trending in 2021.

 Secretlab Titan Softweave

Secretlab Omega·  

 Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody

Verdict: Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair

If you ask me, then I would highly recommend you to try the trending comfortable gaming chairs. Many of the gaming chairs come with massage facilities that are known as massage gaming chairs. After the lockdown, It was the very first product I thought to buy as I opted to work from home. Search for the best gaming chair on Amazon and you will get the desired chair.

Believe me, office chairs have gone outdated. Now it’s time to utilize the latest gaming chairs. 

After sitting and enjoying the comfort of massage gaming chairs, you will start loving that old -boring 9-5 job.

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