While choosing the best dinner set, the most common question that comes to mind is which material we should choose Porcelain or Stoneware. This is an age-old debate of Porcelain Dinner Set vs Stoneware Dinner Set.

But the answer is not that straight. If you are looking for a more sophisticated, durable and chipping resistant dinner set then you should go for Porcelain but if you are a little adventurous and want something in color with the durability and different texture then Stoneware is the right deal for you.

But before you go picking the best dinner set for your home, we have to go through all the goods and bads of both the materials and study their texture and heating process thoroughly. And about both the material types in detail.

Porcelain is made up of a refined china clay which is called kaolin clay. Kaolin clay is mixed with some other substances like granite and glass which gives porcelain its plasticity structure and make it look like a translucent finished product.

In the making process porcelain is heat treated twice, first at a moderate temperature and then it is glazed and fired at a temperature of 2300 degree fahrenheit. This gives porcelain it’s hardness and extra white glaze and makes it non-porous which make it look like a piece of art.

About Stoneware

Most people tend to think that stoneware is made of stone but actually not as it is made of clay. It gets its name from the stone-like texture and appearance of the dinnerware made up of it. Stoneware is dense pottery which is fired at a very high temperature making it liquid-resistant that is non porous.

Stoneware has the one most effective firing method that makes it solid and durable. Also, it is fire-treated approximately at 2185 degree fahrenheit. And after being fired it becomes hard and chip-resistant.

Now Let’s discuss the difference between the two:

Porcelain vs Stoneware Dinner Set

Porcelain Dinner Set vs Stoneware Dinner Set

When it comes to comparison between Porcelain dinnerwares and stoneware dinner sets the following points should be considered.

1. Price

When it comes to the price range of stoneware dinner sets & porcelain dinner sets, porcelain is comparatively an expensive material but due to their color variety and other finishing details stoneware dinner sets are also little higher in price. Like you can have Standard 18-piece AmazonBasics white porcelain dinner set  for $41.49 and you can have the same 18-piece dinner set in stoneware at $55.99 only. There is not much difference in price so you can pick one according to your need.

2. Heating and Cooking

If you ask, are porcelain and stoneware dinner sets microwave safe? Then the answer is yes. In fact, both stoneware and porcelain dinnerware are fridge safe too. But one should always remember that sudden temperature changes like directly fridge to oven and oven to water can be harmful for both the material’s durability.

3. Weight

Talking of weight, Stoneware dinnerware is heavier and  a little thicker than porcelain dinner sets.

4. Durability and Strength

When it comes to stoneware vs. porcelain dinnerware durability, porcelain is more reliable though stoneware is good too but it needs a little extra care to handle. Although articles made of both these materials, if handled with care, can be kept till generations.

5. Color & Style

Stoneware dinner sets come in many beautiful colors like cranberry red, teal blue, sky blue, sunshine yellow and smokey grey (you can find these on amazon) while porcelain dinnerware comes in only white and sometimes off whitish color. Porcelain dinnerwares are considered more elegant that can be used for a special evening though it can be used in daily use too.

6. Cleaning

Both Porcelain & stoneware dinnerwares are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily but as mentioned in the above point stoneware is a little heavier thus it is suggested to handle it with care while washing.

7. Texture

Porcelain is considered the most non-porous of all ceramics which make porcelain dinnerware, porcelain mugs, or any article made of porcelain look smooth and extra glossy.

Although stoneware dinnerwares are known for their rustic, stoney texture, they can look smooth and shiny too.

Hope these points of comparison of Porcelain dinnerware vs stoneware dinner set will help you choose the best suitable dinner set according to your need.

Porcelain dinnerwares are quite elegant and classy and can match any existing dinner table. And on the other hand stoneware dinner sets can add more fun and color to your dining experience and light up the mood.

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Types Of Dinnerware

Types Of Dinnerware

Here, adding some more types of dinnerware for you to know more about different materials available in dinnerwares. read on.

1. Bone China

Bone china is one of the most famous material of them all. It is made up of china clay and bone ashes are mixed in it. It’s white in color, almost translucide. It is also very elegant and can be used on special dinner evenings, also it’s quite delicate.

2. Earthernware

Earthenware is another type of dinnerware. It is the cheapest but also quite heavy and sturdy. Can be used for casual dinners. Mostly it comes in red and earthy brown colors. It is also very porous.

3. Porcelain

As you might have already read above porcelain dinnerwares are less porous but look elegant, and come in a variety colors. Great for special occasions and daily use also.

4. Stoneware

As we discussed above Stoneware dinner sets can be used on special evenings. It is slightly heavy and comes in many colors.

5. Melamine

Though melamine looks like ceramic, it is made of a very durable raisin. It is available in many colors and designs and can be used for special events and daily too

Hopefully, now you may have decided which dinnerware you want for your home. You can buy it from amazon. There are a lot of varieties in both Porcelain and Stoneware dinner sets you can choose according to your needs.

Final Thoughts: Porcelain Dinner Set V/S Stoneware Dinner Set

In the end, it totally depends on your own taste, style and needs, which material you should choose for your dinnerware- Porcelain dinnerware or stoneware dinner set. People also take into consideration their home decor and their other dining decor while choosing their dinner set. Also you can consider the occasion, like if you want to use it for some special occasion or daily use.

Porcelain dinnerware can be used for both special occasions and daily use. It has been seen that most times stoneware is used as daily use dinnerware instead of porcelain. And porcelain dinnerware is considered more as a luxury item and kept for fine dining.

Hopefully you will find your perfect dinnerware after having all this new found information on Porcelain Dinner Set vs Stoneware Dinner Set.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Porcelain Dinner set V/S Stoneware Dinner set

If dropped on a hard surface, like all the other ceramics stoneware can break too, but if not for such sudden shocks and if handled with care stoneware can last till generations.

Stoneware is a very durable material. It does not chip or scratch easily as compared to earthenwares. Stoneware is dishwasher safe and microwave safe too.

No, unlike other ceramics, stoneware does not need to be glazed.

It totally depends on your needs, occasion and taste, which should be considered the best dinner set material for you. There are a lot of options for you to choose from like porcelain, stoneware, bone china, melamine etc.

Although porcelain is considered stronger than stoneware, stoneware is used more as daily use dinner sets and porcelain can be seen as a luxury for fine dining.

Yes, porcelain is a bit expensive than stoneware but design, color and other finishing details can make a difference.

According to FDA porcelain and all the other pottery articles are food safe. Even before glazing porcelain is considered food safe.

Yes, stoneware is oven safe, fridge safe, dishwasher safe and most importantly food safe.

Although porcelain is chip-resistant and scratch proof but if handled improperly or heated too much in the microwave porcelain can chip or crack.

Although every material has its own pros and cons, bone china is considered the most durable material for dinnerware as it is made of 30% bone ashes in it making it more thin and chip resistant.

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